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Harvesting Equal Trade Coffee

What do we mean by Equal trade?

Wait, what? Another label?

We know, fair trade, organic, eco, keto, gluten free, everything free! We're also confused, what exactly should I be looking at in a label? We don’t know either. Here we want to show you our idea, and the business model we are trying to create inside the coffee industry.

Coffee producers in the agricultural industries have to face numerous challenges just to keep their businesses afloat

The coffee supply chain is an immense and complex subject. But, we'll try to keep it simple here. Simply put, coffee prices are not high enough for farmers to make a decent living and Costa Rica is no exception. Right now, there's a lot of effort in the specialty coffee industry to fix this, through transparency reports and building long-lasting relationships between producers/importers/coffee roasters.

We’re changing the game in the business industry by guaranteeing that as coffee farmers, we get a fair share of the retail profits

Dota Coffee Company (A Canadian Corporation owned by Canadians and Costa Ricans), owns a small coffee farm in Copey de Dota. Right next-door, we’ve became friends to Jorge Ureña and family, a generational coffee producer of the area (that produces the coffee that you’re about to order).  We want to sell retail coffee from our neighbors here in Canada and in return they’re helping us learn the ways of coffee farming in the highlands of Costa Rica.  This makes the perfect exchange! 


The deal is simple, each dollar made in Canada is split exactly with our coffee farmers in Costa Rica. What we make, they make.  That’s why we’ve named our agreement Equal Trade.  Not only we are sharing profits, but also sharing the same risks, challenges, business knowledge, and friendship.


Getting retail profits as a coffee producer will allow us to become more resilient to face all the risks that agriculture represents, provide employee benefits for everyone involved, build good facilities and homes on the farm, and it opens up the possibility to integrate new and more sustainable technologies in our coffee production.  

Thank you for supporting better ways of doing business!

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