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You and the Love

When you try our beans (and by "our" it means the beans You and Dota Coffee Company share) and you fall in love with them, we know you'll have some excellent thoughts and feels for everyone, and we know you’ll share that love!


Sharing that Love

To share that love, please post a photo of yourself drinking your Dota Coffee to Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.  \


Even better than all that, tell your friends about Dota Coffee and share a cup with them! 


You can find the social-media accounts and the website here:


TikToc: dota_coffee_company

Instagram: dota_coffee_company

Facebook: Dota Coffee Company



Sharing Those Ideas


Any ideas, suggestions and/or comments you have, can only help us make our better beans and provide better service.  


Please share your thoughts by DMing us on IG, TT, and FB.  You can also text, call, or email:



Phone/Text: +1.780.655.1720

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