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Empowering Producers: Dota Coffee Company's Direct Approach to Coffee Processing!

Dota Coffee Company isn't just about selling premium coffee; it's about transparency in every step of the coffee journey The coffee production chain is extensive and complex, and I will gradually explain the steps involved in this vast process.


Let's try to understand one of a crucial segments of coffee processing and commercialization in Costa Rica, highlighting what distinguishes us from other coffee producers. When we refer to processing, we're talking about the stage between harvesting and commercialization.


As producers, we face several choices regarding our harvest. In Costa Rica's coffee industry, it's standard for producers to harvest coffee cherries and deliver them to the beneficio, the processing facility.

Ripe Coffee Cherries
Ripe Coffee Cherries

The beneficio, whether it's a private company, a cooperative, or a microbeneficio run by the producer, is responsible for peeling, washing, drying, and sorting the coffee. Large private beneficios and cooperatives often amalgamate coffee from various farms for efficiency, while smaller ones, like microbeneficios, ensure uniform processing, offering exclusivity and a deep understanding of the farm's flavor profile.


Large private beneficios and cooperatives may categorize coffee by zones or create diverse flavor profiles based on buyer preferences. On the other hand, microbeneficios, like ours, focus on personalized processing, emphasizing the unique flavor profiles shaped by specific agroclimatic conditions.

Our Coffee Beneficio
Our Coffee Beneficio


Both approaches cater to different markets. Producers processing their own coffee can offer precise information about cultivation, altitude, variety, and processing methods, resulting in access to more exclusive flavors (Check our processing method). Meanwhile, cooperatives or private beneficios, dealing with higher volumes, offer more generalized flavor profiles.


All these coffees are sold as Costa Rican coffee, but each has different specifications. However, the journey to the end consumer can vary. Some coffees pass through exporters, importers, and coffee roasters, while others, like ours, are handled directly by the producer from farm to consumer.


When producers deliver to a large private beneficio or cooperative, they relinquish responsibility for processing and commercialization, often settling for prices dictated by the stock market. Conversely, managing the entire process, like we do, grants greater control over pricing and quality, ultimately improving farm conditions and worker welfare.


By cutting out the middleman and handling the entire process ourselves, we're able to reinvest in our farm, our workers, and our community. And by roasting our coffee right here in Edmonton, we're able to bring that same level of care and attention to our end consumers—you.


At Dota Coffee Company, we take pride in managing our coffee's journey from cultivation to consumption. By bypassing traditional channels and directly engaging with consumers, we're able to offer a truly unique and transparent coffee experience.

Our Honey Process Coffee
Our Honey Process Coffee


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